I spy – Krept and Konan lyrics

Lyrics I spy – Krept

I spy lyrics
I spy with my little eye
Something beggin with F
Fuckboy is doing up net
Talking real
We are the last ones left
Suck your mudda I said it with chest (x2)

We dont belive your raps
Keep thinking your Mr.Muscle
Till you see the flash
You dont want bro turning up
Stolen car, buring clutch
I hid the mash in my aunties toilet
Panicking every time I heard it flush
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The line phone wernt EE
Bought two O’s and got a Q free
It was TT
Sending me vids on snap
Her boyfriend told her delete me
Last week she saw me in tape now she want see D
Roll up my sleeve and I’ve got them all watching

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I spy – Krept and Konan lyrics
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