I m sorry G – CHVSE lyrics

Lyrics I m sorry G – CHVSE

I m sorry G lyrics
Why you callin’ out CHVSE?
You gettin’ fucked by CHVSE
You underestimate CHVSE
Time to feel the rap (CHVSE)

[Verse 1]
See I respect your grind but never understood your motives
You said yourself I had a fanbase that you could grow with
But when I paid you seven fifty for the verse
You only gave me half of that and acted like I wouldn’t notice
What the fuck Dax? yo why you treat me like I’m stupid
Seen the hunger that I had gassed it up and then abused it
Man I ain’t mad you stole a bag from our collab I’m mad you took a bar from futuristic’s track and then reused it
But you love to go redo shit like you scared to write a new hit
Quadeca had a milli and he threw you on his new shit
Instead of writing new bars you copied off the blueprint
And now I ain’t surprised your girl was hopping to a new dick
Oh shit tried to take my money get my two cents
Since Tim started snitching think it’s time to cut your loose ends
You ’bout to sign a deal after saying “fuck a label I’m a self-made legend” then you hid it from your true fans

Yeah and what about the girl that ain’t exist
The one you said that cheated on you then you pled the fifth
That shit is fabricated if it ain’t then fuckin’ name the bitch manipulate a market that’s relatable to gain respect

[Verse 2]
Every word inside this track is meant to take offense
Tell a verse and go ghost on me like you Jaden Smith
Never promote this hoe knows that I can make him rich
He tried to charge me four thousand dollars just to take a vid
And surprisingly that’s not the worst
Cause my homie told me shit that I should not converse
But since you putting on the front shit I’ma drop them words
Let’s talk about Rez and that time that he tried to cope a verse
You got evicted I know but is not my place to say you signed a shitty deal with your manager on your waste of fame
Rez tried to give you his lawyer that coulda erased the claim
And helped you out by buying you food and offered a place to stay
I wasn’t there I am just going off with what they say
The palm was there too so don’t even try to say they
Lied about the facts they gave advice for you to vacate
But when Rez hit you up for a feature you told him 8K
Wack bitch petty thief I can see your tactics
If an artist has some fans “shit charge him more than average”
Your fans may not see it ’cause they are backin’ you like ad-libs
’cause you acting like all this shit that happens in the past tense
But what about that Jag lib you straight up went and jacked it
“My Last Words” and the “Kapernick effect” versuri-lyrics.info
That shit is pretty recent could somebody get a fact check
You stole a video from an artist to get a fat check

[Verse 3]
And you can try to validate that little peep shit
But it took two weeks to make the track from when you peeped it
You said that you didn’t know
But you jacked it and then you leaked it
And stole his videos to put his face inside a sequence
Man I ain’t shocked ’cause you do this shit a lot
When an artist pass away another video will drop
And you’ll title it a tribute never sang a bar about him
But the title pulls in every sad fan that they got
And to the [?] like a knife to the stomach
I think it is time to air it out like when a geyser’s erupting
How’d you rise to the summit using that lines that you summoned
You makin’ money on a death like you was Michael McCrudden
Man how you featured on a track but never follow me
It’s like you planned it all out because you want the beef
Tory showed us that you good at the apologies
So man up drop the fuckin’ act and say I’m sorry G

You got any last words dawggg?

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I m sorry G – CHVSE lyrics
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