I know your ways – NIght Lovell lyrics

Lyrics I know your ways – NIght Lovell

I know your ways lyrics
I know your ways
Thought you was tryna kill me
(Thought you was tryna kill me, shit)
But thinkin’ back, ayy
Thinkin’ back, I was just dazed, dazed (Dazed, dazed)
I do not give a fuck, ayy (I don’t give a fuck)
‘Bout these niggas actin’ tough, ayy, shit
(All these niggas actin’ crazy)
You fuckin’ tried again and then again
And still I called your bluff, bluffin’

I’m not lookin’ back, all this shit is wack
I know you were late, I see it in your face
I’m turnin’ to a demon, but I don’t mean it
‘Cause these niggas want me dead and I see it
Thought it was delusion, full-body solution
Fuck you got me doin’?
My mind is what I’m losin’, shit
I lost the surface, I don’t know my purpose
I promise it’s not what you viewing, ayy
I’m outside, why don’t you let me in?
Is it ’cause I always look a little menacin’?
Is it ’cause I didn’t take my fuckin’ medicine?

It’s okay, I’ll come tomorrow and I’ll try again
I’ve been thinkin’, just a month ago, was better then
We was late-night talkin’, David Letterman
You laid me down then you did some shit you never did
Turn you around, I might have to give this bitch a kiss, fuck
Now I’m parked up in the parkin’ lot (Parking lot)
They might take my soul and leave me in this parkin’ spot
(Parking spot)
I’m just thinkin’ of my life and
all this shit I got (Shit I got)
I’ll be surprised if they try me for
the shit I bought (Shit I bought)
Walkin’ fast, I don’t like when niggas seein’ me
‘Cause you know it’s all the money that they see in me
And I know deep inside, they wanna be like me)
You should know, I cracked the code of you niggas

I know your ways
Forget about the past (Past), I’m tryna make this last (Last)
I know your ways, ayy
It takes a certain nigga to use that trigger finger (Finger)
I know your ways, yeah
I’m walkin’ through a maze (Maze)
but I don’t feel fazed (Fazed)
I know your ways, bitch
I know your ways, bitch, okayyy

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I know your ways – NIght Lovell lyrics
I know your ways - NIght Lovell
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