Hullabaloo – Rare Americans lyrics

Lyrics Hullabaloo – Rare Americans

Hullabaloo lyrics
Excuse the renovations
Our Doberman Dalmatians
We’re just makin’ preparations
For the false flag operation

Anyway your participation
In The Lemming Corporation
Includes two full weeks paid vacation
White-washed accommodation

At the company plantation
Theres a safe sensation
Bottomless libations
With your full cooperation
Thank you for your patience

We’re here to help we’re here to help you
You need not worry ’bout that hullabaloo

Hullabaloo (x2)

Doom is the mood in the room

Evil looms darkness lurks
Safety in numbers members perks
Things are sad they will get worse
We want you bad this army church
The fence is not a safe place for you to stay
Don’t think you understand the forces at play
Care for a Serviette James
You got kool-aid kid all over your face
Hear my words sing my song
Opportunities knockin ding ding-ity dong

Were encrypted subscripted soldiers of the brand
Homo-lookalikes million man marching band
So let me look ya in the eye straight when I ask ya
Will you take my word
Will ya take my hand
Shake it shake it shake it
Shake my goddamn ole wrinkly hand

Hullabaloo (x2)

I got this buzzin in my ear its here for good I fear my dear
I got these spots in my sights like I cant turn out the lights
Sweat drips from my palms all day long
Don’t wanna fuck this up man I cant get this wrong
It’s clear in my mind as a traffic jam
I think there might be something wrong with uncle graham
Its calm in my head as a high speed chase
I got those memories man that you cant erase
I do what I gotta do
Just run away from thattt

Hullabaloo – Rare Americans lyrics
Hullabaloo - Rare Americans
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