Hood blues – DMX lyrics

Lyrics Hood blues – DMX

Hood blues lyrics
I’m in the hood, eighty K house, million dollar neck
Shot off two hundred rounds, niggas know where we at
My coke be the best, talk no steps
Headshot took off, soulless
Margiela kicks, Margiela sweats
I’m on the yard doin’ burpees, me, Drop and Fresh
My shooter layin’ low, he got a new body
I pray to Tesla X, you need a new body
Fifty K, got my bitch a new body
You internet niggas, y’all punani
The Ace of Spades sipper, yay dealer
Pray five times a day, get on the wave, nigga
Baddest bitch you ever seen doin’ my braids, nigga
The Tech echo like it got delays, nigga (Damn)
Your shit ain’t shit, get out the way, nigga
New Yeezys, only me and Ye with ’em
Pay attention four on the baby come back then leave seven
Guarantee into the rec’ yard, I got the weapon

[Verse 2: Benny The Butcher & DMX]
The Butcher comin’, nigga (Yo, uh, come on)
You know how I rock, six figures off Zaza
Come and spend at my shop I turn your hood to a hotspot
Every game I feel like I’m Dame without a stopwatch
Shootin’ before the shot clock, Griselda got the top spot
Locked down like a pawn shop, nigga, I’m thinkin’, “Why not?”
I gave my life to the game, but what do I got?
Father these niggas, how?
I don’t even know my pops
This flip phone that I got don’t connect to the WiFi
Uh-huh, this new foreign shit with the wood on the door
Got me beefin’ with some niggas I could’ve put on
(Rrr, that’s fucked up)
They make up lies and put ’em in songs
I pull up to lots, cop, and down the block hear me pull in the yard
Yeah, prayin’ with my dirty hands (With my dirty hands)
I did dirt and scam, I’m askin’ God
“Do I deserve these bands?” (Do I deserve these bands?)
And we from murder land, eastside shit
Jeans PURPLE BRAND (Ah), ridin’
in the GLE, the turtle van (Talk to ’em, ah)

[Verse 3: Conway The Machine & DMX]
Ah, look, you throwin’ shots you better be precise
If I only squeeze it twice, that’s me bein’ polite
We was in the trenches, nigga, four chicken wings and rice
The shooter fourteen
can’t read or write, but he gon’ squeeze his pipe (What?)
We was tryna sell a key a night
‘Cause Nas said a G at night wasn’t good enough, and he was right (Talk to ’em)
They mad I’m rich, the same niggas that wouldn’t see my plight (Spit that shit)
The Nets playin’, I’m ridin’ to the game with KD tonight
Machine bitch, every beat I body
My nigga on his way home, he just beat a body (Beat a body)
Every time I leave the house, I got the steamer by me
(I got it on me, uh, uh, uh)
My jacket a one of none, you never seen it probably (Woo, hah)
I took some cheddar out the vault to pay the lawyer for my man
Weapon possession and felony assault (You good. nigga? What?)
Whippin’ up at Unc house, he keep the resi’ off the fork (Keep that)
I’m Kyrie hittin’ niggas with the hezy on the court, look
I reached the point niggas never would’ve thought
‘Cause every time I drop somethin’ I don’t never get support
FN MAC shots severin’ your corpse
You never could extort me, my heart cold as February 4th
(What? Talk to ’em)
They hate to see me win, I’m not surprised
Nigga, I’m fuckin the bitches
them bum bitches you fucks idolize
I’m in Harlem at Lighthouse eatin’ lobster fries (Rrr)
Vee & Shooter with me, I got mobster ties (Uh-huh)
Machine, bitch (What?)

[Verse 4: DMX]
I grew up at the dark side, apartheid
Where goin’ against the grain’ll
get you kidnapped and hogtied (What?)
X the illest nigga, realest nigga
Never been scared, I’m a fearless nigga (Come on)
Got that cannon that’ll remove your head and shoulders
Cats that play in the street get ran over
I’ma make you hand over everything you got
I’m not the average motherfucker
Do damage ’cause I’m a savage
Sometimes I can’t manage all the shit in my attic
I was promised the world but I got the dirt instead
It’s just life, I was bred to shed blood
For all my niggas that know me “Fuck you, nigga, what?”
Built for war, raw, this .44 will hit you through the door
You exist no more
I done punk’d more niggas than Ashton Kutcher
It’s Westside, Conway, X, Benny the Butcher, nigga

[Outro: DMX]
Get like you lay, nigga
Get how you fuckin’ lay, nigga
You know what the fuck it is
You know what the fuck it is, nigga
I ain’t fifty years old for nothing, aight?
I’m not fifty years old for nothing
(We active, nigga, we active)
Wish a nigga would
And I wish a nigga woulddd

Hood blues – DMX lyrics
Hood blues - DMX
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