Homicide remix – Merkules lyrics

Lyrics Homicide – Merkules

Homicide remix lyrics
Back to give em the crack, half these spitters are wack
Im slapping they fitted hats backwards for thinking’s that
They dope when the fact is im actually killing cats
Get a gat hear the pitta pat what you think of that
You need 3d glasses to grasp this like Cinemax
I don’t interact with these rappers I give em facts
Listen, Ima give these infants Similac
Since they always cry on the internet to get a pass
Everybodys askin but never wanna work for it
Im on another planet you ain’t ever been where merks goin
Underneath it all you’re a broad with ya purse showing
Observe these words cause my verses i’ll roast em
Tick tock boom I might blow up any minute
I been focused on the finish yeah they know that ima kill it
But there’s nobody contending im the dopest one that’s in this
Im the code within the system that noone can seem to enter
Like aye, I won’t ever blow my cover
Pull up dolo and hit em with a stone cold stunner
Slow mo I won’t ever owe you nothin
Hear the fo fo buss at em like boom boom fuck it I’m on it
I might kill em all with no warning

I came out the fortress to torture informants
They say lifes a bitch, I think that she’s gorgeous
Keep on hating on me but my fan base enormous, hah
Everybody want a little piece of this
Even though they ain’t ever done shit for me so eat a dick
Im feeling like they never really wanted me to even win
But you made the bed motherfucker you can sleep in it
I did a remix of old town road versuri-lyrics.info
Now no matter where I go its a sold out show
They say Coles too cold and that might cole might blow
You a square that dances, do see do
Every bar I rap might cause cardiac
You get a heart attack and end up on ya back
This whole song is crack I bet you’ll all relapse
Until you overdose and die in a coffin flat
Like aye, man that’s unfortunate
Merk did a remix now he’s forcing it
I love his old shit, his new stuffs sort of sick
Im underground but my bank accounts corporate
All these new rappers mad that I paved the way
Well im mad at the fact that ya chain is fake
Im blowin up, now they mentioning my name with drake
Im 26 but I still got a baby face
Fuck it I hate rappers Im stuck in a straight jacket
I heard this beat and said fuck it I straight jacked it
Went and got a chain and got half of my face tatted
Just to fit in with the masses its nothin but straight wackness
Movin through all these amateurs im doin it for Canada
You wouldn’t have the stamina to do the shit I had to cause
My crew is full of savages im shooting at ya Acura
Honestly im not the one that you should wanna battle son, beastin
Bitch I evolve with the seasons, eatin, look at how obese he is
Preachin, I got a few things I could teach em, Jesus, you’re lucky I even released this
I just got home from tour, they told me to take a break on the vocal chords
I should be working on the album, of course got bored, and then I caught another body I need more and more
What is this, I swear this addiction is sickening
Its twisted, like you if you’re listening to this shit
Im gifted, like things that you’re gettin on Christmas
Now please go listen to his shit….by his shit, I mean my shit
Thank you, Peaceee

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Homicide remix – Merkules lyrics
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