Hit the blade – Nef the Pharaoh lyrics

Lyrics Hit the blade – Nef the Pharaoh

Hit the blade lyrics
I put that High Chew in my ‘Wood I don’t do Cherry Pie
I ain’t gon’ hold your ass jit you fuckin’ up the vibe
My lawyer said “Don’t show no guns on your Instagram Live”
I’m not dumb so what’d you do? Bitch I took his advice
You not pimpin’ if you trickin’ on hoes at night
Try me for this Patek I can’t have it I’ma up the pipe
Turned your lil’ sister out and sent her like a jail kite
Put your hammer down and let me find out you can’t fight
Knock his ass out wake him up knock him back out
Hit the traphouse I’m finna count my Jerry stacks out
I’m blessed off High Chew my lil’ shooter only 5’2″
Pussy slide through fuck your granny she can die too
I got a thirty for the suckers that be hidin’ when I drive through
Hah bitch I’m straight I don’t like dudes
Used to get top from your baby mama after high school
Nigga with a syrup attitude I think I’m Ice Cube
Glock team they play me on the radio like Raheem
Ling ling gon’ swallow it like sak√©
You can catch me out in South Vallejo ghost ridin’
Me and your raps don’t sound the same somebody else writin’
My lil’ star got that fire like a Teen Titan
Them .223’s hit his lil’ chest they told him keep fightin’
I’m far from bitch I’m not a snitch and I missed the indictments
Bitch I keep money on my phone for my real lifers
Man ‘stead finna go back to my old ways and rob shit (Give it here)
You and your bitch on the same cycle y’all be bonding (Period)
I put the pew on the gold gun and James Bond him
That nigga Nef be goin’ yeah I see why 40 signed him
Ayy why Ram done got blond hair? (Bitch)
You touch my nigga and I’m gon’ fold you like a lawn chair (It’s over)
You taking losses we all bosses big dons here
Mr. I-Wanna-Rule-the-World I think I’m Nasir
Hey ayy suck my dick bitch suck my dick bitch
Suck my dick bitch suck my dick
Bitch I’m rich bitch bitch I’m rich bitch
Bitch I’m rich bitch bitch I’m rich
Tonight I ain’t fuckin’ pussy you gon’ hit your knees
I want you to boss me until them bitches bleed
Open your mouth give me your tongue I’m finna shoot a three
Don’t got no money I’m on jack like it’s Halloween
I got a problem I be fuckin’ niggas’ baby mamas
And I’m addicted to the fried rice at Benihanas
My bulldog a mural color cost me 20K
My lawyer keep cash in case I catch another case
Get me payed bitch get me paid bitch
Get me payed bitch get me paid
Hit that blade bitch hit that blade bitch
Hit that blade bitch hit that bladeee

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Hit the blade – Nef the Pharaoh lyrics
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