Hi deas 1 – UpChurch lyrics

Lyrics Hi deas 1 – UpChurch

Hi deas 1 lyrics
Ayy, he too white
Ayy, he too country
Why his truck look like shit but system steady thumpin’ homie?
Why he rappin’ ’bout a dog, why he stuntin’ grandpa’s truck?
Why he wear a hat like that with 28’s like one of us?
Like why oh why oh why oh why is this a recurring issue
Yeah, I rock them flannels mount up quick or pick you up a tissue
Rolling Stone go check the issue, they hit my line for interviews
Sit with me in my backyard and learn they can’t take my mental
And you know why?
Because I’m an intelligence species, metaphorically throwin’ feces
Followin’ a trail of Reeces Pieces to a level the Devil can’t even see me
So when I reach the maximum I’m gonna need a case of Maxums bro
’Cause I’ma fuck the game up ’til it’s the tops of skulls I’m pissin’ out of, ha ha
I’m Caucasian but not a racist, not even on the whitest occasions
So buh-bye with Facebook blamin’, it’s your own fault if your fist is faded
I’m nothin’ like what I’m put out to be, tryin’ to be an icon ironically
A little old school when they call me IROC-Z

Enough new age to be like “Damn he lit”
When you see me out on Instagram with a big AR on barren lands
Spittin’ hot shit with a country accent, don’t treat me like some guy in the Klan
And tell me that I’m stealin’ from a culture when it’s obvious I only know my own
Looks weird to you ’cause you wasn’t raised around my zone
You want some smoke, then we can sit down smoke a joint and all talk about it
Ain’t that from a diss song, yeah let me talk about it
Last years beef brought new waves I’m surf boardin’ that tsunami
Every color Looney Toon rollin’ with me on some 90’s shit son 290
Rugrats in the play pen, Tommy got the flat head
Reptar on the mic, I’m Chuckie stoned with the bed head
Cartoon Cobain, comin’ as I wanna go versuri-lyrics.info
Howdy Doody when I wave, I’m cool with Andy Griffin ho
So when you see me drivin’ hard, bumbin’ Jeezy from a far
Gun rack in the back I’m tellin’ you this country boy survive
I’m showin’ you that I embrace the roots of all our roots
Because that’s how I was made, different roots brewed up in a cup
So take a drink of this product so organic it cleans your soul
I’m a dose of Kenny Chesney, 50 Cent and 90’s born
Rollin’ that blue grass up in a blunt, who want to smoke some?
I’m not here to be white or black I’m here to be creative son

You know the biggest white hip hop icon ever once said
“I am whatever you say I am
And if I wasn’t then why would I say I am?
But you know what? I’m not lettin’ people tell me what I am
And I don’t even have to tell you what I am either
I just show what I am
My words transfer into actions
And more people can show who they are
And stop bein’ what everybody wants you to be”
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Hi deas 1 – UpChurch lyrics
Hi deas 1 - UpChurch
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