Hero – Royce da 5’9” lyrics

Lyrics Hero – Royce da 5’9”

Hero lyrics
Crown Royal bag open watching boxing
Arguing with dad who gon’ knock who out shit
He probably gon’ be mad if my fighter drop his
And that’s exactly what happened now he got me moppin’
Damn it

[Chorus: Royce da 5’9″]
Okay Papa was my heeero without him I’d be zero
Probably six feet below probably sniffin’ kilos
Probably homicide or robbery for all that we know
Stayed on top of me made sure that I achieved
Even more than I believed that I can be though

[Verse 1: Royce da 5’9″]
Okay Lysol toothbrush scrubbin’ on the toilet bowl
Soon as they cut the street lights off you rush home nigga
You must be on time at all times versuri-lyrics.info
You gon’ get the stool ’cause you won’t miss your school bus
Papa was psychotic Mama was a goddess
Big bro had a dome missin’ screws ’cause I grew up a screw-up
Cop the Book of Ryan nigga go and listen to us
Even though sometimes a nigga home would get abusive
But Papa showed us tough love don’t misconstrue us
I talked about his past I thought I did it with respect
But I’m just dragging all these bags and all these feelings is suppressed
I’m just a artist and anytime I write I put the art first
In retrospect I feel like you’re right we should’ve talked first
I apologize

[Chorus: Royce da 5’9″]
To my heeero without him I’d be zero
Or probably six feet below or probably sniffin’ kilos
Robberies at college how do we know?
Gettin’ into drama’s easy findin’ peace is hard as Finding Nemo
This goes out to y’all if y’all grew up without a heeero

[Verse 2: Royce da 5’9″]
Uh 17 you told me go to the Army or get out
I had to walk and as I’m walking out
I started having thoughts of all that’s happened over the years
And been swept under the rug and never talked about
Wasn’t ’til I let go of the grudge
Let all of these feelings on my heart get out
I got all the blessings the reverend talks about
I agree a lot of things between he and I should be TMI
Y’all can call me anything but me a liar
I just write the truth for free my mind for the BMI
Uh not only did I finally realize there is a God
I realized a nigga highly favored
One thing that’s phenomenal was the day I decided
To hold myself accountable for my behavior
My bank account would grow
All of the things that Papa instilled inside me
Was like the common denominator
I flew out to NY I said “I’m living here ’til I get a deal”
Came back a year later signed to a major
Pop I just want you to keep my mama happy
She stayed right there beside you through all this time
She went above and beyond faithful
And you inspired me to get dollars but my way like Carlito
I’ll retire you as soon as I’m able
My heeero (My heeero)

[Outro: White Gold]
Look what you’ve done (Nah nah) (My heeero)
Look what you’ve done (My heeero)
We’re used to sweepin’ problems under the rug
We’re used to barely showin’ any emotion
Maybe this was the ideal love (My heeero)
Look what you’ve done (Yeah yeah) (My heeero)
Look what you’ve done (My heeero)
We’re used to sweepin’ problems under the rug (Yeah yeah)
We’re used to barely showin’ any emotion (Yeah yeah)
Maybe this was the ideal love (My heeero)
I know I wanna know what love is all about (My heeero)
I wanna know so bad oh (My heeero)
To the one that I love now (My heeero)
And I love you so so nowww

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Hero – Royce da 5’9” lyrics
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