Heart cold – Rich Homie Quan lyrics

Lyrics Rich Homie Quan – Heart cold

They throwin’ rocks behind their hands I’m not surprised
I don’t stand in traps I no longer supervise
I thank God every night before I close my eyes
Beefin’ with them niggas shot at ’em like 3 times
If I’m wrong then I don’t wanna be right
Got my phone in the back of my Levi’s
And I still don’t try no beef ’cause at the end she lied
I got these 100s in the safe stacked up neat high
f*ck a hoe get old, gettin’ money ain’t new
Shawty thinkin’ I’ma business man ’cause she seen homie in a suit
Top drop at anytime need a GPS for the roof
And I don’t really like no nigga who talk a lot rather show me what you gon’ do
Parallel in the parking lot I’m goin’ smoked out in the coupe
Got these 100 dollars in rubber bands ’cause I don’t like to carry money loose
Got a couple bands on these niggas’ head if I say the word they gon’ shoot
And I ain’t beefin’ with no nigga ’bout no b*tch to me that ain’t cool
It’s too much money to be made out here yeah
Gotta keep my gun it ain’t safe out here
Been stayin’ down can’t show my face ’round here
And I ain’t trippin’ cut the lights out
Got this cross on my chest and you know it’s iced out.(heart cold)

Heart cold ice box
I close lights out, Chicago ice out
Talk hard pipe down
Shootin’ sh*t head target
Dead friend red carpet
I can’t hear you nigga money in the way say it louder
Talk loud nah nigga versuri-lyrics.info
Ronny in the wall with a tracker on the phone just in case you wanna call a nigga
I’m paranoid, deep thought
I see dead people I see you before you comin’ I’m lookin’ through the peephole.

The G code yeah you know I’m stickin’ to it
Turn the volume up on the headphones I wanna listen to it
Keep the top of yo’ head and Batman and let the pistol do it
Can’t close my eyes gotta face my fear just grip and do it
Stick and move you know I’m stickin’ to what we planneddd.
Rich Homie Quan lyrics
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Heart cold – Rich Homie Quan lyrics
heart cold - rich homie quan

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