Hangman – Tia Carys lyrics

lyrics Hangman – Tia Carys

Hangman lyrics
Don’t even bother
We don’t do apologies
We tight with trust even the bros come with warranty
They know
I’m so slow with the phone
And they on to me
They know I don’t go with the flow
I’m the anomaly

Thursday threeway
Monday monogamy
My favourite rappers wan pose with a prodigy
They say you packing more than bro I’m saying probably
So they still love me on the road
I hold authority
Skippy widdit, if he blow a budget like a mini midget
Tee don’t touch it
See he got a budget so that’s sticky init
Wanna make me happy?
Take me Hakky I ain’t gonna give in
Funds ain’t fat
He must be loving off skinny women

My old ways
I don’t stay
I don’t claim
Our roleplay be
No face and
No case
And the whole day
Ion hold bae
That’s so bait
So I don’t pose for the photos
No way!

I put a man down
We going gang now
I dunno why you chose
And if you hang round
We playing hangman
And set you up to lose
What the hand gon do?
You touch me, they touch you
What the hand gon do?
You touch me, they touch you

Fk the gram I’m getting followed in real life
I’m in sections with legends
now but something don’t feel right
And I gotta fly with a money man
Find me a honey that
I ain’t owing nothing and he still mine

Cunch grown girlI’m getting love from the hood right
Sums with sons because these b*tches Can’t cook
It’s money in crip and ain’t no blood in my drip
They bussing down in silly props
I got this proff on my wrist

And I ain’t silly I been sinning the mos
tAnd I’ve been chilly but never this cold
I know the city want me pretty and posed
Na na na na na

My old ways
I ain’t play
I made paper
I’m boosting my cup with this juice and no chaser
No saint still I stayed my own saviour
No handouts no mates and no favoursss

Hangman – Tia Carys lyrics
Hangman - Tia Carys
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