Hang out – Playboi Carti lyrics

Lyrics Hang out – Playboi Carti

Hang out lyrics
Said she need a ride back, ugh
My Mazi Spazz, ain’t it
Play with the cash, hol’ up
Young nigga got cash, ain’t it
Big slatt, Vetement, yeah
Walk ‘round wit the bag, ain’t it
Carti got a bitch all in
All of my slimes we lit

Whole lotta bag, holds 50
Whole lotta, lets get it
Im the the bih, with a blicky
Imma let the motherfucka hang out
You Lotta cap, can’t hang out
Yeah, we ride down when we hang out

Stupid little bitch got bite down
Got my dog with me, I ain’t big now
Turn the bitch down, you ain’t lucky
Handle my dog you ain’t lucky
Diamonds on me like typhoon
Shoot by myself I ain’t got goons
Smoke big gas, smell like perfume
I got a hoe in Cleveland
I fuck with her & she bleeding
Shawty a demon
Carti a demon, carti a demon
Still in Celine ( R.I.P my niggas )
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Playboi Carti lyrics

Hang out – Playboi Carti lyrics
Hang out - Playboi Carti
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