Halfway dead – blackbear lyrics

Lyrics Halfway dead – blackbear

Halfway dead lyrics
You barely left me with the air to breathe
You took it all and now I see the truth
See through your plastic covered lies
I’m driving through Mullholland
Wish I swerved and never fallen
Shoulda seen right through the gap between her thighs
Take my heart my clothes
Take everything I own
Spend my money spend my time
Lay me down to rest lay me down to die
No one makes it out alive
I’m at the bar downtown the one we used to go to all of the time
Already halfway deaaad the way you left me girl I’m half alive
Yeah I’m half alive versuri-lyrics.info
And about that night and about that night
I was super drunk I was super high
And I made mistakes but I’m half alive

Half way deaaad just the way you left me I’ll be halfway dead
Little bit longer I’ll be waiting
I’m a goner fuck this fake shit
Why you let me down foreverrr

Halfway dead

Halfway dead – blackbear lyrics
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