Gyabag – Starlito feat. Don Trip lyrics

Lyrics Starlito – Gyabag

You a hoe
Emoji with the tears cuz you a joke
I’m a O.G and that O.G all I smoke
That rocket make a nigga pocket poke
You hot cuz your lil thot be giving me throat
You memorized the code, went through her phone
You wrong, I’m known for breaking up a happy home
Left him rapping about it in a song
I’m really about that action, once I flash b*tches on
Smack a nigga smash my styrofoam
Straight back whenI was texting for the strong
Straight sour
Pull up on my plug might take an hour
Sorry for the wait that’s 80 ounces
Every 16 I make a thousand
That’s them pounds
That mean before I pay my people I take it out
Have you niggas fake a quarter gae and ..
Soulja Boy is up in your hood and yeah they allowed it.(gyabag)

Why I got the tickets just as quick as they announced it
And I’m dropping that bag on Chris Brown
Real hitters on that ace 9 when they sit down
Lil niggas big fire with the clips to stick out
It’s like a epidemic, everybody with the shit now
Shit a trip, get them trip
Rap niggas go get a sweep, get your ass beat b*tch.

While I was broke I make my brother front me half a boat
30 minutes later it was sold
30 minutes later I was tryna get em whole
Concrete Jungle still I’ve yet to find a rose
Guess I’m just a trap nigga green yams rose
Feeding off of pack call that success ala mole
And chicken A la carte
Been a hundred trio
On my way home to find Dory and Nemo
All about the babies, f*ck you if that bothers you
Soon as I walk in Jada hit me with Karate moves
Two clip trip, Yosemite Sam
And if you got a high point it’s gonna Jam
Snap a couple of picture for my partners in the can
Cooking with them Jars till they got em in a jam
I go even harder when they tell me that I can’t
It’s amazing just to think this just all started with a grammm.
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Gyabag – Starlito feat. Don Trip lyrics
gyabag - starlito
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