Gun – Lil Pump lyrics

Lyrics Gun – Lil Pump

Gun lyrics
I’m in the .. cookin’ with my toes out
If this bitch .. my bitch she gettin’ choked out
.. and I’mma go kick her out raw…
…(What Pow)
I hit her
He pulled out a gun but I shot first (Boom)
The last nigga tryin’ me I made him eat dirt
I hit her for an hour couldn’t nut on 3 Perc’s

I made a bitch suck my dick ’til she .. (..)
If a bitch use her teeth she get to .. (Bitch)
Spend the .. (..)
And my Glock like a .. dick hangin’ out
I’m changin’ .. then I clear it out
All the .. like a secret I’mma put ’em out
.. in this bitch and I’mma bring ’em outtt


All in it – Gunna lyrics

Lyrics All in it – Gunna All in it lyrics Exotic pop I got red all in it Me and my dawgs tight like Kel and
Pay the piper – Gunplay lyrics

Lyrics Pay the piper – Gunplay Pay the piper lyrics I got 2 chicken’s in the trunk of my impala Baby powder
Gun – Lil Pump lyrics
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