Graduation – Yellopain lyrics

Lyrics Graduation – Yellopain

Graduation lyrics
This is what I get for having expectations
Cause I forgot where I came from
What if I’m gone would you wake up
Would it all make you wake up

Hey mama, just wanted to tell you I love you
Don’t know if I say it enough
But I’ve been really prayin’ for ya
And I think all for you
Man, I look up to you
Man, if I was in trouble, I need somebody I run to you
If I never told you, he was my idol like really my idol
Whatever you said to me I taked in, like it was the bible
When you look at me I wanna know the feelin’ aside you
I guess sometimes I just wonder if you feel the way I do
Remember my 10th birthday, when you apologiezed
You couldn’t buy cake so you bought me Mcdonalds fries
I thanked you but you got my brother gifts alot of times
For me you say can use some time, but never got the time
I figured it was for the bills, but for real how you really feel
I know birthay was around tax time so it’s that what it is
I know you gotta love me mom, cause every moma loves her kids
I just really think it’s fucked up but I guess it is what it is
Remember recitals, I played the piano, why did you never came

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Graduation – Yellopain lyrics
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