Goodbye Mr President – Gramofone lyrics

Lyrics Gramofone – Goodbye Mr President

This is a wake up call for the idlers.
Escape the cult of the average!
This is not an anthem.
This is the real voice of the nation.
(Gramofone – Goodbye Mr President)

Goodbye, Mr. President!
Hope we had a good run.
It’s time to go now,
but we had fun.
This is a statement.
What did you expect?
So goodbye, Mr. President,
with all due respect!

Today is the day you begin.
You have all the time in the world
in the length of a breath.
Build your dreams and don’t look back.
Challange the impossible!

Everybody has a chance, no excuses!
You deserve to dance.

It’s all over.
I played my role.
So goodbye, Mr. President!
I’m smart and I’m in control!
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Goodbye Mr President – Gramofone lyrics
goodbye mr president - gramofone
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