Good enough – Juscova lyrics

Lyrics Juscova – Good enough

So tell me was it worth it?
Stayin out late night right girl, was it worth it?
Did he do you right, if he did then it’s fine
Girl do what you want,
You could never have a problem if you never been ..
Life is good enough.

The love you hides beneath your eyes
And play pretend, it’s in your ..
Tha ware makeup just to disguise
The shit you do with other guys.
It’s not like I care
But I was only wondering if you were aware
You’re constantly impressing like it’s vanity fair
But in the end you end up in the mirror and stares.

Still hoping that it’s good enouuugh
Always asking if it’s good enouuugh
Still hoping that it’s good enouuugh
But never sure that it’s good enoughhh.
Juscova lyrics
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Good enough – Juscova lyrics
good enough - juscova
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