Genesis – Azizi Gibson lyrics

Lyrics Genesis – Azizi Gibson

Genesis lyrics
So shifting, got my hoes bitchin’ (Got my hoes trippin’)
I’m sorry, it’s not switchin’
No dismissin’ (No dismissin’), no conclusion (No conclusion)
‘Cause we just niggas (Yeah, we just niggas)
All my life I live this ..
But then I turn lil’ to big, dawg
I finna eat, say a grace y’all
And make sure you stuff yo’ face y’all

[Verse 1: Azizi Gibson]
All of my niggas got ends but it’s just the beginning
No more ridin’ in .., I got the Benzes and itchin’ everyone ..
God bless the day that He made me feelix
Pullin’ tricks out the bag, callin’ spiritual ..
I’m livin’ life and I’m dealin’
’cause my words, they worth shillings
Because of my skin, I’m a motherfuckin’ villain (Fact)
I gotta explain to my children
why everybody treat ’em different
Man, this shit is suspicious

[Bridge: Azizi Gibson]
Oh yeah, fuck you bitches
Oh yeah, fuck you bitches
And by that I mean the law and
the cops and the government, nigga

All of my niggas got ends and it’s just the beginning
Change my thoughts, change my living
Can move with that homie that actin’ for billy
Practice my passion, bleedin’ on every lyric
This shit from home, that’s my spirit
They try to ignore but didn’t know and judgin’ book appearance
Don’t get a trophy for the good, you do you supposed to do
The pain I’m stayin’ over, come around just like ..
.. chosen, waste no time, livin’ the moment
Took a lick but fifth get out the way, you a goner
Cop is racist, still they on it,
they hate to seein’ nigga ballin’
Matter of fact, even breathin’ satisfy when we ain’t coughin’
And that shit happens way too often, many years the shit
I shed too many tears,
I feel like Pac but it’s my orphan, uh

[Interlude: Azizi Gibson]
How the fuck everyone tryna be like us and never tryin’ give
back though?
I’m .. tired of the shit, give my motherfuckin’ props
Give me .. back, nigga, the fuck you talkin’ ’bout?

[Verse 3: Azizi Gibson]
You won’t get up if you don’t
know what the motherfuckin’ ground ..
No, not at all
But at least you can live yo’ life
Until you gone

I’ma handle my business, I’ma do the job
.. no witness like I’m in a mob
Hit the jane, no limits, I’ma reach the top
Switchin’ lanes, I’m speedin’ motherfuck the cop

[Bridge: Azizi Gibson]
Fuck the cops, fuck the cops
Nigga, fuck the opps, nigga, fuck the opps
We ain’t never gon’ stop,
We ain’t never gon’ stop,
We ain’t never gon’ stop,
We ain’t never gon’ stop,
We ain’t never gon’ stop,

[Outro: Azizi Gibson]
Peace to everyone though
Give a fuck what you got goin’ on, just
Just make sure you get you goddamn props, baby
Fuck these bitches (Night Shift, Holy)
And by that I mean the law
and the cops and the government, niggaaa

Genesis – Azizi Gibson lyrics
Genesis - Azizi Gibson
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