Freedom – Justin Bieber lyrics

Lyrics Freedom – Justin Bieber

Freedom lyrics
Big up to my brother
Blessed sons and daughters
We all lookin’ for the answers
We in search of living water
Too blind to see the Messiah
Are you weary?
Are you tired?
Runnin’ on empty, feelin’ the fire
Mm, the Devil is a liar
The story’s already written
Children, you are forgiven
Ain’t nothin’ you could do for you to change that
And everythin’ you did, He erased that
Yeah, He took it all and threw it in the wasteland

Freedom, don’t it feel good? (x4)

Big up to our Father
If you call ‘pon Him, Him answer
All we need a the begotten son to prosper
The dead resurrected, the Devil tried test it, him lost
Him lose again
Head bruise again
Sweat, blood, tears ‘pon the cross
Did you know He paid the cost for you?
Work over North, West, South and East
Easter Sunday, bun and cheese
Good Friday, fish and bammy
One table and one family
All of the times weh mi cry from The Most High
God said, “No worry about it, mi love abundant, you’re still mine” (Mm)

Freedom, don’t it feel gooddd? (x4)

Freedom – Justin Bieber lyrics
Freedom - Justin Bieber
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