Free shiest life – Big30 lyrics

Lyrics Free shiest life – Big30

Free shiest life lyrics
I got four today left with me to find out where they at
Load up, three shots left up in the choppa
Ten shots in the TEC
I know I’ma shake the spot
Won’t ever panic, break a sweat (Never)
When I see you, that’s your life
To be a hashtag on the ‘net (On God)
How the fuck you claim my shit?
You see my opp and don’t get off (Off)
I’m disgusted with you nigga
I start to break your fucking jaw (Pussy)
My next shit would’ve got ugly
If I was there when you got caught
You would’ve been the next one burnin’ in this blunt
To make me cough, blrrrd

Big Blrrrd, tryna make this ho looking like 50 Cent (Ice)
We Blrrrd Gang we get active, we never send a hit (Shiest’)
Might catch my next one on your block, pull up bumping this
shit (Blrrrd)
Shake ass, shots sent from afar, chase her ass down with
They fully rip out, through it rip,
made the boy real karma (Through his stomach)
Pussy got hit with that glizzy,
he holla out for his momma
No savin’ him, be hatin’ him, my hood is royal rumble
Before I pick with Chyna, I know pickin’ out that thumper (On
Clutch on whoever, my momma got one son
And he went bought about one chester (The hood)
Every day eating noodles with the hot sauce and black pepper
(It’s good)
Can’t ever go for shit, ’fore rap
I really was a stepper (I’m steppin’)

Two steppin’ with that .40 catch me dancing with the devil (I’m
Every state with them Dracs, we don’t give a fuck if they dirty
Can’t peform with no gun, you can’t move big without the ’30
(Big Blrrrd)
No Percocets start working so

I fucked ’round, popped a Curry (Third)
You play and the weight is on my kid, we still gon’ hurt him
When they come to this beat we get to flipping shit like
And you can’t join the gang unless you know some’ ’bout a
New opp pack in my lung, Wock’ got me moving like a turtle
Flag ’round my head .. purp’
On Grape, I had been Crippin’, nigga, big Crip
My head high, my eyes low, dope all in my system, nigga
The man of the house, I take care of my sisters, nigga (My
You better not play around with my girls
Or I’ma go get her nigga (My world)

Know what I’m sayin’? See a lotta niggas talk this shit
A lotta nigga just rap this shit,
we really gon’ go get her, nigga
Nigga just hollerin’ Choppa Gang shit out for a friend, for
clout and shit
This shit for real, man
You ain’t puttin’ it down for your shit, nigga
Don’t ever holler that shit,
know what I’m talkin’ ’bout?
For real, Big Blrrrd, Choppa Gang NT CEO stand
I put it on for this shit
Big Blrrrd, blrrrd

Way before we ran ‘cross the money
Niggas paid up with respect
Way before we ran ‘cross the money
Niggas paid up with respect
No CGE’s stands down to no one
We the ones who pose the threat
I’ma up the chop on my fan, he done got too close to my neckkk

Free shiest life – Big30 lyrics
Free shiest life - Big30
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