Forever – Amillz lyrics

Lyrics Forever – Amillz

Forever lyrics
Your hearts feeling stained
Sorry that i m there
Everytime you hear my voice you start to feel scared
Your hearts fills with pain
Sorry that I cared
Cover up that photo of the life we once shared

Verse 1 : [AMillz]
Thinkin bout the green
Maybe thats the killer
Am i just a joke
Or just a glass filler
Our memories feelin severed
Our memory last forever
I got you in my soul
But im not feelin whole
No one feelin my pain
They not feelin the same
Without the one i love
Always pickin at my brain
But i guess it wasn t love right?
It won t last forever right?
You re wrong
I m writing a song
Im writing whats wrong
Haven t spoke about it long
Pain in the passion
My passion is my pain
We living from our past
Thats what makes us the same
If i didn t write about it
Then we wouldn t feel the same
So stop playing your game
Stop hiding your shame
When it lasts forever
You can t makeup your pain
When it sticks with you forever

You can t makeup your pain
When it sticks with you forever

Verse 2 : [AMillz]
I ve always had the passion i ve always had the drive
But Is life worth living if you know you re gonna die
And now i m asking why
Callin suicide
Asking her why shes looking at the time
Waiting for my time
She wanna take me high
You tryna steal another life not worried bout the crime
I m always fightin her just like every other battle
My mind is the cage and my door always rattles
Now i want some peace
Now i want some closer
I see you on the gram and i start to lose composure
My mind is always weak even when i m strong
My life s at its peak even though i know i m wrong
My music lasts forever but is that too long
100 years pass and no one care about my songs
My vision getting cloudy and i dunno where i m goin
So I keep it real so i start to hold it down like i m rowlan
But im still asking why theres no peace in my mind
Not a single wall but i feel so confined
My works pilling up and i start to fall behind
Im lookin to the sky im just lookin for a sign
Now i want this paper now i want these checks
I got nikes on my feet but im wantin what s next
Im blind to the truth that im very blessed
I ve achieved so much i won t die like the resttt

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Forever – Amillz lyrics
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