Foreign – Young M.A lyrics

Lyrics Foreign – Young M.A

Foreign lyrics
Ayy man ayy we be fucking up them foreiiigns man
Fucking up the highway
Fucking up the E-way
Fucking up the streets
Yeah uh

[Verse 1]
Fuckin’ up a foreiiign
Police pull me over with a ticket and a warning (Damn)
I still ain’t pay that bih damn I prolly got a warrant
Haters tryna blow my vibes gotta ignore ’em
Uh I eat her then I leave her
Put on my Louis hoodie then my Louis sneakers (Swag swag)
I don’t ever cuff a thottie or a skeezer (No I don’t)
Don’t know how to love I just know how to please her (Hello)
Baby come and put your toppings on my pizz-er (Hello)
I don’t catch no feelings I’ma bob-and-weave her
Valet the foreiiign I don’t pay no meters (Skrrt skrrt)
My bank account look like the numbers on the beeper (Beep beep)
Fuckin’ up a AMEX this is not a VIS-er (No it ain’t)
Ooh she’s a leaker
Uh so I iced her out now she’s a walkin’ freezer uh
I’m the don dada and my bitch a div-er
No I do not trick but I know how to treat her (Hello hello)

My diamonds caucasian
My jewelry go bling bling
Your jewelry don’t say shit
My bitch said she leavin’ me
I went on vacation
(Damn that’s cold…)

[Verse 2]
Ayy I’m fucking with this foreiiign (Okay)
Yeah that bitch look good but I cut her off ’cause she annoying (Damn)
Humble down little ho ’cause really you ain’t that important (No)
Collectin’ bags at night and I’ll be richer by the mornin’ (Yes I will)
Ayy its a groove
I grind and get it I mind my business I’m winnin’ yeah it’s a mood
You whinin’ bitch and you broke you lyin and fibbin’ and it ain’t cool
Broke nigga ho nigga ho nigga broke nigga ho nigga leave the room
‘Cause I don’t broke niggas know nigga woah nigga go nigga no we ain’t boo
Hey lil’ bih go lil’ bih ho lil’ bih no I ain’t no fool (No)
Snakes on the plane puttin’ snakes on my shoes
Blue faces all in my ‘roos (Roo)
Water on my neck water on my wrist water my drip ooh pardon my pool
Pardon my drool pardon my ooh
Ayy made my plate now I’m eating my food
It’s the fat shit black shit mad shit bat shit and the engine go room
Flintstones on my neck and the diamonds go ya-ba-da-ba-do
I’m takin’ your bitch play with your bitch then I give her back to you (Back to you)

My diamonds caucasian
My jewelry go bling bling
Your jewelry don’t say shit
My bitch said she leavin’ me
I went on vacation
(Damn that’s cold…)

[Verse 3]
When your bitch in town I just send her my location
Ayy she said my crib is spacious
Told her “You should see the bar inside my basement”
Ayy can’t open up them bottles them are ancient
Drink Hennessy can’t smoke no weed it make her anxious
Hey bitch I’m just tryna fuck I ain’t got no patience
It don’t make no sense to fuck if you ain’t wasted
Fuck it I just called up your replacement
And I bet a hunnid bands that bitch get naked
And I like my bitches foreiiign can’t do basic
Ayy why not you just give me head bitch just don’t think shit
Told my side bitch just to fuck me just don’t say shit
And she feisty feisty she like to break shit

Oh you love the bih?
Oh you cuffed the bih?
I released her from ya
Put her on probation
You said “She celibate” it’s a celebration (Celebration)
I’ma fuck her anyway haha
All my cars is foreiiign
All my bitches foreiiign
All my clothes is foreiiign
All my shoes is foreiiignnn

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Foreign – Young M.A lyrics
Foreign - Young M.A
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