For me – Comethazine lyrics

Lyrics For me – Comethazine

For me lyrics
Bitch get on your knees and let me hit on the floor please
When I bust a nut I’m gonna show you the door leave
Mike Amiri on my ass Givenchy all on my arm sleeve
Get the baddest of the bitches they think I’m so charmin’
Flippin’ big haystacks think
I might start farmin’
Need at least a hunnid racks or I won’t be performin’
Might come back to Amsterdam as soon I’m done tourin’
Convenient XD always here for me
Bitch you don’t smoke weed
good that’s more for me
Live a GTA lifestyle mode on story
Invincibility like I’m cooked on morphine
Don’t diss me pussy boy come for me
When you get here just knock on the door please
Imma come out with some shit from the army
This is nottt

for me

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For me – Comethazine lyrics
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