Fireworks – XYLO lyrics

Lyrics Fireworks – XYLO

Fireworks lyrics
I’m this now,
A little bit different,
But I guess that’s what life will do

In the same town,
But it’s not so innocent,
We’re growing up but it feels too soon,
It feels too soon

The pressure,
My head hurts,
You’d think it get better, not worse,
I am this now,
But I’m not so innocent

And I lay here,
I don’t want to go to sleep alone,
Cause when I look out my window,
When I look out my window,

I’m scared it’s not fireworks, anymore,
I know it’s not the same,
Not like it was before,

When I’m walking,
I get a little paranoid,
By everyone, every noise,

I let the phone ring,
Cos of some shit I’m avoiding
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Fireworks – XYLO lyrics
Fireworks - XYLO
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