Fire in the booth – Digga D lyrics

Lyrics Fire in the booth – Digga D

Fire in the booth lyrics
You know what time it is when you hear this right
Let’s get ready to rumble
Digga D in the building
Double Tap Diaries out there right now man
Right now, grab that, No Diet
Your name’s ringing out there Digga
Come on
Let’s go bro, let’s get ’em, let’s go
Round one, let’s turn up bro

We ain’t important, Rico, let me tell you this West Side story
I ain’t talking Finding Nemo but they just keep swimming like Dory
Just keep swimming, keep swinging
Just keep chinging, push that blade deep in him
We know, they know, I know
How much times they swam outside? Them boy love lido
I know, they know, we know CJ got all three, no Migos
Now it’s CJ on free flow
Don’t get stitched like Lilo and then snitch, stick to the G-code
Need me a reload, trap, jugg for a kilo
I’ll catch me a M for the hunchos, I got hundos stacked from Nino
Nino Brown, it’s peak when we come ’round
I feel like bro, the way that I got him down
Me and my cartel pull up, pop corn where they’re holding the vibes
I’m black still moving Charlie, Charlie ring and I was movin’ spice
I heard he’s about here, I might ***** take that ******
If my trap phone’s saying it’s busy, it’s signal, I’m always running my line
Just got me a pipe, got a star in the hood like Strydes
Bro don’t run out of bars like Chip, slick, he won’t have less than nine
And I ain’t a younger no more, the phones I control are mine
I bish-bash-bosh the Buj, I stack and stay on my grind
I bish-bash-bosh, the B’s lethal and it’s one of a kind
Jeepers Creepers, we keepers on whatever we find
I took them waps and turned them mine
Man can’t press on my buttons, I’ll press on my suttin’, no comment to swine
I hit five inches away from his spine
Splash-splash, yuck-yuck, who’s that? Jakes? Oi, duck-duck
Bro don’t run out of breath, stress, he might just run out of luck
I’m tired of seeing these govs, I just left Wano, you just left Scrubs
Felts, cooks swinging our plugs, outside charge, I’m seeing the judge
Real niggas know that I’ve kept up fuckery, bun mans skin point blank with the brucky
Been tryna turn man duppy, splatter, that’s lovely
I just come back from country, my toes dem stink and my hair looks grubby
And I feel like to get down bro when I came back home and my ***** was rusty
I can rap that stuff cah I done that, catch man lacking and bun that
Man can’t talk ’bout worker, see the phone’s that I got? Man run that
Yuss got the wheel, we skrring, drop us a opp, clock, turn and spun that
Tell bro put his foot on the clutch and put it in 1 when you see man run back
Blood on my shank, man keep it, clean it, shot that shit if I’m paro’
All of my hittas are hungry, get your shit jacked like Sparrow
Shotty come long like Hunch’, chop that barrel and the back of the handle
I hate taking L’s, this flip can’t flop like sandals
Push bike with a 15 each, T-T make the phoneline ring so I serve them
Can’t question my workers work rate, all I do is divert them
Can’t question my badness, see the straps that I got? Man earned them
You won’t do it for the *****, that’s certain
Won’t do it for your *****, that’s urgent

Come on
Come on, man like Digga D in the building
I see you my guy
Streets been waiting for this one forreal, forreal
Forreal man
Forreal, forreal and we’re just warming on them bro
Round 2, final lap Digga
Let’s show them why you’re that guy right now bruh
Crash that corn, that’s BA, in EA, it’s in the game
Drip, drip like my chain
Two bells in the gauge
Come on
Listen, look

I got beef with white yutes but I got black opps too
If I get that call of duty, pull up and crash, no Bandicoot
Been dodging the obbo, you know how much sims that man ran through?
Keep that one on the low, that bro gets dough and you have no clue
My ting won’t jam well I wanted *****, there’s no need for speed
Splash him, assassin, man don’t box like Creed
T-T just grab it, draggin’ from a ball to a Z
No, I don’t play in the station, you can’t throw dirt on we
I trap, you F, see the difference?
I planned that getaway proper, I just tried pack man from a distance
I’m a bully, food get teken’, swing that weapon, I need more assistance
Largest pokey when the M, it’s 2-1, bro don’t listen
Look how we done it with L1, I’m sure that we got R too
R1 or 3 double 0, I’ll press, come try when I’m passing through
What’s the angle? No Randall in my circle, I’ll shoot
I’ll shoot, press the O, the same way I do it with food
Don’t run with your girl, get your princess cut, old school, I used to see Z’s
Now it’s straight Nina’s and up, yo, let’s shine like VVS’
You know that’s flawless grub, I took her VS1
Ball in her tongue, flawless uck and her pum-pum’s fat as fuck
So much smoke the ride it’s got two decks, I’ll let that buss’
You don’t wanna see that flash so stay in you lane and you won’t get touched
Popo know it ain’t them, they keep fucking blaming us
Whenever the corn get buss’ they kick up a fuss, panic and dust

Come on
Come on
Digga D
You get me
I see you my guy, Double Tap Diaries out right now
Right now, No Diet
Go get the ting, go get the ting
Oi, bro it’s been a beautiful year for you already man
Truss me
Come on, just gotta make sure you stay around, make sure it stays beautiful
I see you bro, Double Tap Diaries out there right now, it’s important
You done your thing bro, shut it down forreal, forreal
And that right there, that right there is Fire In The Booth

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Fire in the booth – Digga D lyrics
Fire in the booth - Digga D
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