Father figure – Tobe Nwigwe lyrics

Lyrics Father figure – Tobe Nwigwe

Father figure lyrics
Look I can do in days what may take them years
I done parted ways with those who move in fear
Hard to go astray when the vision’s clear
Lowkey they might have to throw parades when I’m no longer here
This for the gangsters and the hustlers and the block bleeders
Ain’t got a bar for a mark unless it’s Noxzema
If they ain’t tweaking when you speaking you cannot feature
Push a Hyundai Accent like I can’t afford a drop beamer
Why? ‘Cause it ain’t about the cars it’s ’bout the confidence
All my consonants are consequently do to confidence in
Elohim though the metal bring me a peace of mind
We survive places that demonize feeble minds for what should be legalized I’m
Just sayin’ dawg this big old facts
Be weary of the trap with cheese ’cause there’s big old rats
Aye look lowkey you could touch more cheese than a grater
Have some paper but if you’re known for hoein’ your partners you still big old trash
The real gon’ understand I pray the fake gon’ listen
If you the fraud on your squad you still can change positions
Before I had a pot to piss in or this diction
I envisioned every piece of fruit I brought into fruition
If you hatin’ dawg you trippin’
Garnered recognition with my Mrs. word to Jigga
I swear they’ll have my art in exhibitions in a minute
Not just a rapper to these rappers
I swear I’m they father figure

Yeah I’m your father figure ooh
I swear I’m you father figure ooh
No no you you
I’m your father figure
Not just a rapper to these rappers
I swear I’m they father figure

Dearly beloved
If it’s merely a budget I’m clearly above it
My skin and my hair is Nigerian colored
And does what a Aryan’s doesn’t
If you purely a puppet
Then you’ll really be stuck in the end you a suffix
I don’t want to be toughest
I’ll just keep it a hundred and think nothing of it
Timidly talkin’ ain’t part of my chemistry
I’m a OG is you kiddin’ me?
I see what you givin’ me B
It’s your liberty still but I see its stupidity
You lackin’ humility seeking validity shake the mistaken identity
These lackin’ ability jokers is killin’ me literally wastin’ my energy
That’s only a fact they’ll never hold me I only adapt
You shouldn’t have told me ya homie could rap
They shouldn’t have shown me to Tobe and Fat
I’m blacker than black
Or packaging crack or packing the MAC in the back of the Ac
I’m sayin’ I’m somethin’ spectacular
Don’t at me I’m biomolecular
Don’t Google the aftermath don’t bother
Everything left on the floor is the lava
These nuts George Washington Carver
What you want boy? I’m a piranha
I’m a pariah I am Nirvana
I am a king coming out of Wakanda
I’ll run into on tour it’s a problem
I’mma be honest I am your father figure

Yeah I’m your father figure ooh
I swear I’m your father figure ooh
No no you you
I’m your father figure
Not just a rapper to these rappers
I swear I’m a father figure

African estate grass and grapes
Masculine the slave master hate
Exactly when they emasculate
Congratulate gay a mass the hate
As the black lady ass’ll shake
They fascinated they masturbate
The black parade straight exacerbates
The actual hate they imaginate
That’s when they racist asses straight
Harasses us as they evacuate
Imagine wearing they mask somewhere can’t imagine making it past the day
Hell is hated heaven’s a elevated melanated masquerade
We celebrate they will vaccinate
You separate they assassinate
Weapons mastered yes they active yes they matter Maj Toure
Rep they blackness leather jackets black berets
Pastor Mase Ice Cube Jam Master Jay
Trunks of jewelry come through and truly
Trump security Grand Master Jay
Gucci conned me out of Luciano
To Armani I’m Moulinyano
Drove her out to hit the Neimans in Cabo
Scope the model made her Venus De Milo
Spend a lot at the palazzo
Send you hollow semi-autos
Powder blue diablo
Probably pop a cop or two to honor Breonna and Amadou Diallo
They tracking the African breed to patent the seeds
They snatching the apple from Adam and Eve to patent the seeds
Attack chemically then patent disease
I rep murder violence methane bars jet stream God
You rep Turtle Island just ain’t y’alls Epstein’s log
And that king talk my queen shopping in L.A
See me out in that green drop that thing not a Chevy
Beam on top of that slingshot Glock sing soft as Dwele
And things start to fall apart like Chinua Achebe

Yeah I’m your father figure
I swear I’m your father figure
No no you you
I’m your father figure
Not just a rapper to these rappers
I swear I’m a father figureee

Father figure

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Father figure – Tobe Nwigwe lyrics
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