Faster – Dax lyrics

Lyrics Faster – Dax

Faster lyrics
Destroy then I eat you rappers
You move faster we move faster
If you go fast we must go fast and even faster

I’m the one the N9ne’s a wonder
I’m the thunder when they father me and I’ma son ya
Find the lungs to rhyme and then strain upon ya
I the gun I got ’em saying ay caramba
Elite wanna get deep in the script
On the beat I’ma get geek in a mix
When a piece of a good beef in the lips
I’ma get to heating it be leaking a bit
I hail from the middle of the west that’s home
Nail every hitter gotta guess that’s blown
The hail with a little bit of sales I’m a killer with a
Yell when I hit ’em with a TEC I’m gone
People think of my age mean I’ma stop with this
Like my legacy lie in necropolis
All of you take a dick in your esophagus
To the people I’m a freak show
But I really would damage a ego
When the beat go nigga finito
Finna meet yo G-O-D though
Gasser the master you made it with a slasher
The massacre’s coming with a pastor to pass her
Body to the after but faster
You heard me say Don’t Nobody Want None
(Don’t Nobody Want None!)
In the midst of the fight everybody want guns
So I go and it been that way
In within this spray of disaster
When I rip and III


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Faster – Dax lyrics
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