Exotic – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics Exotic – NLE Choppa

Exotic lyrics
Met a bad bitch put kids on her face not childish mhm (Yeah childish)
Givenchy with your Gucci in this bitch now they say he stylish yeah ooh (He stylish)
Better watch your mouth when you talk ’cause you know I get violent
Killin’ these thotties (Brr) just caught a body did it in silence yeah
I told the bitch “Roll my dope” (Roll my dope)
But bitch don’t smoke my weed (Don’t smoke my pound)
This big ass Glock got a toe (Let’s go)
Ayy this a felony (This a felony)
I ‘on’t know what the lil’ bitch thought (I ‘on’t know)
She ain’t gettin’ no wedding ring
And I ‘on’t know why you uppin’ your legs ’cause bitch you ain’t getting no ..

Roll up exotic (Roll up exotic) my bitch she a hottie
got a nice body (Got a nice body)
And I met her at .. (Met her at ..)
we went to the hotel and fucked in the lobby (In the lobby) yeah yeah
Roll up exotic (Exotic) roll up uh roll up exotic (Exotic) yeah roll up exoticcc

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Exotic – NLE Choppa lyrics
Exotic - NLE Choppa
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