Don’t rush – Chronic Law lyrics

Lyrics Don’t rush – Chronic Law

Don’t rush lyrics
Don’t rush
Henny inna cup and have ah spliff roll up
How yuh nipple sweet suh anuh nuh doughnut
Plus ah never false titty anuh bogus
Mi chain dem ah freeze and ah gi’ yuh cold bumps
Slow down
Tongue ring pretty pon yuh board tongue
Shot but yuh nah fire bored gun
But yuh nuh stiff like board gyal yuh fulla road fun

Backaz yuh wan’ suh come get dat fuck
Well cock up
Well chop up
Wan’ put him wealth yah suh
Gyal yuh doh sell dat stuff like ..
Now some gyal skin feel like when wall just render suh

Lie down
When did dah pussy deh ah 25 pound
Yeah da .17 ah full up ah live rounds
Anuh nuh fi Five-O wi ah fuck on eyes out
Yeah country gyal ah my own
But mek mi tell yuh why mi like town
All when dem name blacky dem brown
And dem like murderer dem nuh like clown

Yard and British
Man straight wicked di gorillas in the city
Birmingham girls round and pretty
And bwoy it’s fi wi that’s how we live it
London di ting loud
Dem n’ave nothing pon mi mi ink out
6ixx dem nuh carry nuh stinking mouth
Cologne dem tuff like supm weh build house

Don’t rush
Wait anuh right yah suh ah di chorus
Gyal yuh bumper heavy lie truck
Like when sweat go inna yuh sittn lock tight suh

From UK go to Yard
Yuh know di ting large
Young T Bugsey
Tell har seh don’t rush
Mek mi wul yuh pussy di killer nuh wul grudge
Yuh deh yah from foundation store love
Mi haffi mek yuh rich like seh mi own drugs

Bleachaz white out
From wah day yuh deh everywhere yuh mussi Lysol
Wan’ fuck Shana lef’ har mask and gloves
Bad gyal she wan’ blow mi like bulb
Hilltop don’t rush
War dem wan’ it never cold up
Bashy sen’ ah gyal fi gi’ dem home work
First dem see di Kel-Tec ah…

Nah stray wid nuh man
Gyal broad chin power
Batty high up dan tower
Two-tone colour chain hot like shower
Wid ah pendant heavy dan mummy pot coverrr

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Don’t rush – Chronic Law lyrics
Don't rush - Chronic Law
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