Do it & crash – 410 Skengdo feat. Am lyrics

Lyrics 41o – Do it & crash

Do it, do it
Man’a put work in the streets, like Stizz
Slap on attack with smoke, with smoke
Man better pray that the fuckboy lives
Like ‘course I did
Came with a shh and a guy got hit
And if he ain’t worth the corn
Then man’a get beat like TG did
Oh shit, that’s rude
I know, I know
AM and Skengdo link-up
So man better catch the flow
Like them man try come round
Then we went back like a marigold
Chef, splash, splash
I swear this shit never gets old
Like shit then, what?
Fuck around and get got
Like how many times have I lurked with a long coat
Like man’s not hot
Aydee hop off the bikes and shoot
Don’t you know my guy’s too on?
Don’t you know my guy’s on job?
Man’ve done dirt on blocks
And have fuckboys running his shops
No lies, I’m talking facts
Nuff opp-boys have been got
Smashing cars, look at that pussy
All now I’ve never been touched
Step over there with my raincoat on
Cah all now nuttin’ ain’t dropped.
(410 – do it & crash)

Everyone’s bad, it’s kind of sad
Everyone wan try rap bout gang
These yutes them mad, these skengs them bang
Now you wanna act like you don’t know
Bare tweeting, I don’t know ’bout that
These guy’s gone nuts, it’s green we flag (green)
I laugh when they talk ’bout chinging
It’s countless man and your team’s been crashed
410, all we know is crash
See these bells, they’re ringing
Diligent men stuff tools in bags
A man’s they’re sinning
But I ain’t seen squash, ask Gunner and that
My team be winning
J Fresh, 100-bottle party
And trust it was turnt to the max
Been in the field from young
Putting in work, I was flipping them packs
Then I got my hands on a shank
Don’t bother try run, say you’re on to the gang
Box man up that still owe me that
He ain’t curled up, then I’ve done the job wass
Mileage, hella’ mileage
Better move or you might get crashed
Bro said “Skeng, go get this dough”
Bunny first lifestyle, no gang
I hear you bro, I’mma get this money
I swear I’mma get these racks
And that chick is your chick
But she wan be round gang
Add a K on the opps, did it already
Man saw me and just dashed.

Push that work, man’s getting it gone
That shank don’t bend, that devilish one
Could’ve backed my shank on an eediyat son
That’s bare ching, ching, like Asian cunts
Tits and bums that’s things I like, I don’t want no cuffs
Everyone knows that I ain’t that buff
Get the fuck out my face but you wan act dumb
I don’t want love
I just want to get my funds up
Get a 1-2 corn like bum-bum
Wheel it back, select R
She was in the bando avec moir
12 inch rambo protector
Du-du-du-du ejector
You don’t wanna end up like Teddy
Chop man’s throat like opps from belly
Thought you would’ve learned already
Saw 2 guns, but gang got many
So who’s name got tarnished?
How you get mocked by the tings you’re clarting
Stop this talk ’bout spartans
Man can’t see one Leonidas
And if you really wanna talk about arson
Marksman bro’s in the box like carton
Get a C if the yutes that part with the bacon walking, can’t stop talking
Darling, come take a trip with the martian
Ugly but I’m still bussing
She’s calling me bastard
I was just laughing
Noddy or leave, no bargainnn.
410 Skengdo lyrics
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Do it & crash – 410 Skengdo feat. Am lyrics
do it 410 skengdo

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