Dirrty – Nicki Minaj lyrics

Lyrics Dirrty – Nicki Minaj

Dirrty lyrics
Wanna get DIIIRRTY?
You bitches can’t even spell “FLIRRTY”
Lemme learn you something..
Nicki is still the queen Tingz!

[Verse 1 : 6ix9ine]
I f*ck this black barbie like she’s the queen of the kingdom
She’s looking like a rich bitch
She’ll look DIIIRRTY like a little witch
Yikes Barbie That bitch is thirsty
She won’t get that d*ck until she’s hearty
Iam about to f*ck her like a Black Barbie
And ain’t talking about DaBaby

[Bridge : RuPaul]
I’m the Queen of the race
Please lemme spell F I A R C E
My crown won’t go my tits too
I will call my pit crew
To get fucked like a mew mew
If u arent hungry
Please let us know
Or we will prolly disagree (disgareeee)

[Verse 2 : Nicki Minaj]
She smells like a DIIIRRTY bitch
Bitch are these chicks thirstyyy

Dirrty – Nicki Minaj lyrics
Dirrty - Nicki Minaj
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