Diabolical – Slayter lyrics

Lyrics Diabolical – Slayter

Diabolical lyrics
I might just dock off in the hill with a model bitch (Rrah)
Popped a half a thirty shorty threw it back and I demolished it (Facts)
Asked about you in your hood and they told me you was not legit (Pussy)
We the last of a dyin’ breed I hope they acknowledge it (For real)
I hope that when I go I’m remembered (Ha for real)
I got a heart full of anger (Damn) poppin’ Percocets like I’m injured (Shit)
Nigga tried to rob me that was way back in September (Way back)
So I held the AK to the sky like it’s Simba
We ain’t have no heater it was cold in December
Coldest day in the winter (Bah) dropped the top in the winter (Chyeah)
We ain’t got not time for fuckin’ hidden agendas
Police run in the spot we put the drugs in the blender
20/20 vision tunnel vision ain’t no competition
Niggas used to call us them magicians we made shit go missin’ (Yeah)
Used to post up in the dirty kitchen Slayter water whippin’ (Whip whip)
We was out here doin’ other shit that we don’t gotta mention (Shh)
Lil’ bro just got sentenced for four he got caught with a weapon (Blatt)
Shoutout to the girl I’m fuckin’ now she brings me other women (For real)
Know some niggas that can’t wait until the day they catch me slippin’
Feelin’ diabolical but I’ma send those boys to Heaven

Yeah look
My plug did a lot for me Black Soprano Monopoly
A nigga catch me slippin’ that probably be on the hockey rink
Bad bitches flock to me obviously
I put up thirty K and get ten of y’all hit that’s just a wash to me
My nigga spinnin’ made a masterpiece with half a ki’
Me and gang fuckin’ Russian models all fashion week (All fashion week)
Shoot somethin’ then get back to me
Where you rappers get the audacity to even send a track to me (Who you )
In the restaurant let it hit me and Slayter (My nigga)
Took the money out his pocket and gave the tip to the waiter
This the youngest with new guns and old heads and gators
And for niggas like who survived without a label
Back to the basics though paper all we knew grindin’ all we do
Ice from my watch drippin’ in this 1942
The plug told me I was fearless and y’all just be spooked
You gotta spend at least a dub just to call him a deuce
Celebratin’ we gon’ pop these bottles all we want
.40 on me smokin’ this gelato .41
Before this rap money they dope encouraged us nigga
Still got a stash house back home with no furniture in it

Gang with us like Dame Lillard insane pillars
Hustle sold separately word came with us
Rap lane or the trap lane both lanes with it
Whole thing clickin’ whole thing flippin’ for the pippin’
Keep the operation kill our opposition
Lil’ punks get hit with the hammer without the clip in
Parked in front the crib abort the mission
God sendin’ signs when he talk I listen
One thing he blessed me with was flawless vision
I got a knack for eyeballin’ those zips I got an easy system
Better numbers to avoid collision versuri-lyrics.info
Heavy is the head that wears the crown I play my position
You talkin’ to the hustlers I’m a top seed possibly top three
One of the few that break it down for you probably
Kushed God I’m John Moxley
Still move a couple boxes at top speed

Claude Monet I’m paintin’ pictures in the form of scriptures
St. Thomas workin’ on my jump shot I was rockin’ linen
Lots of women three-story yacht we was just vibin’ wit’ ’em
Vibes we hit ’em back to back Lamb’ trucks we be slidin’ in ’em
I remember cheffin’ ready rock inside a heavy pot
For ten K we had the welly pop day that “Chevy” dropped
Hidden hills model hoes with deals givin’ mega top
Popped a pill before they brought the bill I was hella bopped
Uh I came a long way from sellin’ yellow tops
Duckin’ from the cops cased up used to stress a lot
Fuck the opps take this stream money get a nigga shot
Free money bank scheme money you know how we rock
Lil’ bro just punched his whole crib my nigga pieces hot
AKs .40s wit’ the drums right at Lisa spot
Diva thot suck me in the car we don’t speak a lot
Creep the drop Pacific coast highway bumpin’ Speakerboxxx


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Diabolical – Slayter lyrics
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