Dennis Rodman – Adam Calhoun lyrics

Lyrics Dennis Rodman – Adam Calhoun

Dennis Rodman lyrics
It’s good to be alive
If you ain’t on my side I hope you die (Yah yah)
Tryna get this shit up off the ground
If you ain’t helpin’ move around
I hope you drown downin’ a bunch of downers
And die in the parking lot of McDonald’s
Fuck ’round here
Hit him so hard that he can’t get up
Don’t say sorry now can’t patch shit up
Matter fact asshole tried givin’ you a pass
‘Cause everyone knows you can’t back shit up
W-w-whole lotta shit talk
Look at what we got here
Everywhere I go though they not there
Motherfuckers not there
Touch a hair on my head
Get dead like Hosier’s whole career

‘Cause I ain’t got no problem ending your life ‘fore you hit old age
Fuck that battle rap and sign that waiver bitch get in the cage
All I hear is chit-chatin’ ’bout this and that up on your page
But I ain’t hearin’ shit after
I get up in your fuckin’ face

[Verse 2]
Pass the heater I ain’t askin’ either
Ask Sid in ether .. people speak
And pass me the beef you a fragile weak
You faggot feed your weak ass hazard eatin’ ass from me
I’m out of breath drop the beat shit fuck man
Alright back to shittin’ on you motherfuckers ha ha ha
Heard somethin’ about a beast
He sucks these nuts kill him dead like a tree stump
Put him in the ground like an old ass dog
Feed him to the hogs he ain’t even worth a fuckin’ coffin
Done talkin’ ’bout pointless shit the point is this
The boys a bitch avoid me if I see you be cool
‘Cause we the shit deliverin’ I’ll slap the dip right out your lip
Here y’all go again talkin’ ’bout .. again
Bunch of grown ass men actin’ like hoes again
Open then DM’s like what the fuck?
If you see me better hop your ass out the truck
Listen real close I don’t give a fuck
I told you don’t play with me or I’ll light your ass up boy

[Verse 3]
It’s sicker than how I keep doin’ this shit again
And I ain’t listenin’ to you ’cause you ain’t good with a pen
Spittin’ a 10 you’re fixin’ pretend and I’m fixin’ to end
You shittin’ right now should have never let me in
Now I’m never lettin’ off never goin’ soft
Like a hard dick prick whatcha thought
Eminem was the only that could spit bitch
This shit ain’t no joke
Storm comin’ motherfuckers get your rain coattt

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Dennis Rodman – Adam Calhoun lyrics
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