Deathwish – Merkules lyrics

Lyrics Deathwish – Merkules

Deathwish lyrics
Jesus piece around my neck
And I’m wearing it like a vest
I’m the boss, I don’t see all that arrogance as a threat
Game told me don’t forget to careful how you invest
NOw the G Wagon interior glaring off my patek
I know you have that on ya conscience
This is Canada to Compton
Win a Grammy then an Oscar and go back to the projects
I’m someone they pretend to be
Suckers don’t get my energy
I was a young’n in that cutlass bumping the documentary

We’d sneak out of the house while grandma was watching jepoardy
She caught us on the block and made us dump out all our Hennessy
Just the thought of it’s nostalgic I was on my 8 mile shit
I was young, I was confused, but the music would overpower it
That was back in ’03 I swear the aftermath was Shady
So I can’t imagine sayin’ I’m collabing with The Game
So when I die cremate me, put my ashes in a vase
Roll me up inside a blunt and fuckin’ pass it to my gang

Someone tell my mama I made it out the hood now I am famous
I’ve been riding round faded from L.A. to Las Vegas
I had to manifest this
Hating on us is a deathwish (x2)

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Deathwish – Merkules lyrics
Deathwish - Merkules
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