Dealership – Kay Flock lyrics

Lyrics Dealership – Kay Flock

Dealership lyrics
Pistol bullets, they making them hop
Don’t wanna box, bullets making them drop
Like, EBK, DOA’s in the spot
If he moving slimey, we wipin’ his snot
Pop a yellow, I beat up the box
She spot a Flock, now she greetin’ the block
Ain’t no switchin’, I swear it’s no other
Kay-Kay Jackie, I’m moving like Tucker
Baddie she shakin’, no,
I cannot love her
Fell in love with her,
I’m shooting it under
Notti gon’ flock ’em, he don’t need a number
Think they buggin’ but we going dumber
Oh, she givin’ them niggas the drop?
It’s time to line him, we linkin’ or not?
Think we fuckin’ but she gettin’ shot
Bullets is punchin’, they knockin’ her box
I call Gotti for addys and thots
Scottie2Hottie, he clearin’ the spot
We get muddy, we don’t do Ciroc
Shawty she limpin’ of the patty bop
I’m the Flocka promotin’ the violence
Rappin’ and slidin’, I don’t do the hidin’

[Verse 2: TG Crippy]
DOA here, let me know if you slidin’
Why you cappin’? Why you lying?
I’ma show off, niggas got me boxin’
That .40 on me, ain’t no time for no boxin’
Gotta be careful ’cause niggas be watchin’
Get out the hood, you ain’t got a option
Fuck a choice, that’s a must
All my opps broke, they ain’t gettin’ no gust
DOA winnin’, runnin’ it up
Opps mad, ’cause them niggas ain’t fuckin’ wit’ us, like
DOA in the spot and we stickin’ it up
Every opp gettin’ shot ’cause we don’t give a fuck
Ready to blitz, where the opps at?
If I pass it to Kay, he gon’ flock that
Niggas dissin’, never got back
I wanna know when y’all niggas gon’ stop that
Get me a knocker, you won’t get your knock back
You not the type of nigga that’s gon’ flock that
Ayo Flock, they pussy
Ayo Dougie, they rookie(dealership lyrics)

Kenzo on sight, dare a nigga book me
I be crippin’ like a nigga tookie
Don’t you push me, if an opp in the spot then
I’m breakin’ him up like a cookie
Been on that shit, give a fuck what you heard
I get paid like the first, second and the third
Jackin’ fours, we doin’ you dirt’
See the fifth, she liftin’ her skirt
I’m on SixSev’, where the perks?
Bend through the eight and I’m goin’ berserk
I got nine in the clip, one in the head
Ten bullets leave ’em hurt
I’on care what you did ’cause we did it first
Bend through the Well, I’m makin’ a shirt
Now they asking’, why somebody hurt
Talk on bro, now you dead in the dirt
Rappin’ and drillin’, we do this for real
I can get niggas popped like a pill
In the field, it get real, bald head kid, look like lil’ bill
Spinnin’ them blocks and taking them deals
Now that nigga smokin’ and poppin’ them pills
Totin’ Sally, you a liar
Bad lil’ bitch name, “Whitney”, fire
Still got it, she ain’t never expire
Ready-set-go, fire
Now everything dead, suck my dick, I’on care what you said
And I know you mad, you got hit in ya’ head
And you never got back, needa go take a rest
Nigga pussy, on the set
If I want you dead, I’m aimin’ for heads
This knock gon’ rock ’em, put ’em to bed
Ya opps in the box, take it to the head
Lotta niggas want me dead
For a bag, go get you some bread
These niggas be hatin’ on some shit that I had
And that’s how I know these niggas never had
I got off my ass and got me a bag
Mommy ain’t buy me none of this shit
I was on the road, countin’ chips
I ain’t broke, I ain’t rich
Load a .95 in this bitch, got thirty rounds in this clip
Call up Kenzo, I’m ready to blitz
Slide on the opps, I pray I’on miss, grrah
Don’t run, don’t fall, don’t trip, don’t slip
I’ma hop out the car, throwin’ like six
He jackin’ OY, i’ma do him like Mitch
I’ma flock, won’t stop ’til I see a nigga body drop

[Outro: Oppy]
Oppy, ya man in the spot
He throw up a O then we poppin’ his snottt(dealership)

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Dealership – Kay Flock lyrics
Dealership - Kay Flock
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