Daily duppy – Mostack lyrics

Lyrics Daily duppy – Mostack

Daily duppy lyrics
Oo i’m off the liquor
Illin with the sticka
I don’t fuck with that nigga
Ahh i’m off the liquor
Illin with the sticka
I don’t fuck with that nigga

Yo, too much soft youts, not enough savage
See my eye bags, I carry nuff baggage
I’m still on the roads, I’m a street addict
How the hell they broke and they still feed their weed habits?
Niggas say they ride if they touch me
Got touched and it’s only me on some fuckery
Niggas say they love me, they ain’t really loving me
Unless you think loving me is seeing me and spudding me
Oh yeah, blood I got family out of nowhere
Cause i’ve been making noise for the whole year
And my advice is don’t stare, I beg your dawg there
I’m wid the yout with no care
I’ll leave man with no hair
I’m really from the block
I could never .. ten, I swear he fucks with the opps
We’ll never be friends
He’s round them so much he even smells like them
If I grab her by 9, I’ll have her back by 10, AM
Bill got nicked for charge, AM
I swear thats the feds in the car, I hate them
I heard you want beef with the squad and say when, I pull up and spray skengs
I gotta pray before I leave my house
I got a lot of fucked niggas tryna take man down
They scheme, they browse .. my pouch
We don’t speak but your secrets don’t leave my mouth
I’m with the soul killers, you know the roads are vicious
I heard my bro snitching, and it hurts cos I love and miss him
They called us broke they were so malicious
Mmm revenge taste so delicious
Why you naked on the gram, yo shawty
That ain’t just your puss thats everyone’s panani
Wife dat girl nah nah that ain’t me B
My girl wouldn’t even post a pic in bikini
Niggas trynna diss me cos I’m known
You made a vid with my jewels, and you still ain’t blown
Keep the drillers in the hood, they’ll turn everyone cabbage
All the nerds we can swap them for 21 savage
I’m shopping for mash niggas, send me all the prices
In my 20’s and I’ve had a midlife crisis
Shot in my back and I never said shit
How dare you call me snitch, are you fucking sick?
I’m a psycho, that’s sicker versuri-lyrics.info
I just smoke weed and drink liquor
Never trust a nigga, I had no father figure
Always my dick and my balls that she lick-ah
And when she went lower than my balls I just shiver
Busy on the block, man I never done study
You ain’t seen dirt man you never did muddy
In school you was a nerd and now you’re coming back cruddy
When I gave the shank to my bro he brought it back bloody
They tried to take me down but I’m d’ere
How dare you think a weapons more stronger than prayer
I’m more than blessed, I’m more than flex
Oi gyal I can’t stay, this ain’t more than sex
It is what it is
Ain’t showering for weeks cos I’m trynna get stinking rich
Some times you have to sink that ship, like fuck friendship
You weren’t real from the start, you always told fibs, yo
Show me your loyal and I got you for life
Show me betrayal Imma cut you with knife
Mummy don’t cry everyting’s alright
I just bought a new home everyting’s all white
But man are still reckless and ruthless, don’t let me have to prove it
Imma really do something stupid, Imma hit the target if I shoot it
The only thing I miss is J Hus’ new music

Oo i’m off the liquor
Illin with the sticka
I don’t fuck with that nigga
Ahh i’m off the liquor
Illin with the sticka
I don’t fuck with that nigga
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Daily duppy – Mostack lyrics
Daily duppy - Mostack
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