Curious – Rich Brian lyrics

Lyrics Curious – Rich Brian

Curious lyrics
Imagine if life was a game
Imagine if all of this is fake
Imagine if everything ended
And we go to Heaven and meet all the greats
Imagine if there was no Drake
Imagine if there was no Wayne
Would rappers be garbage? Would people be rappin’?
Will everyone still sound the same?

Man nobody knows it all of a sudden
I’m overthinkin’ sound like I’m trippin’
Came to the States feel like I’m goin’ Lindsay
Taste of fluoride in this water I’m drinkin’
I don’t know why I don’t make friends in this business
Seem like they all wanna win but not with me
Went to a party in hopes for some kisses
Girl and her friends and they lookin’ delicious

I came up to ’em there was four of ’em
There was one of me I liked all of ’em
They liked none of me
All this bubbly got me stumblin’
Talked more with the one girl with the pretty fit
‘Cause I saw through her and the wall she built
She actin’ all that her friends were all wack
I asked why she bein’ cold to me
And she said she don’t like guys like me
Oh you mean smart and funny and has a big dick?
And doesn’t have to fake shit just to fit in
Maybe we’re not meant to be acquaintin’
5’9″ confidence through the roof
Not to mention I’m 19 so are you
We both still got lips let’s put it to use
Then we smashed that night she gave me the flu ayy
(That shit was not worth it)
I got sick and sad man it gave me the blues
I started thinkin’ ’bout life all the shit I been through
At 14 when I didn’t have friends or school
Or when I thought nachos was Italian food
When I thought smokin’ cigarettes would make me cool
All the nights that I spent in my room
I guess we could always improve

I miss my family miss my home
Wish I could visit a little more
The journey’s 20 hours flight too long
I only get to see ’em on my phone
Time does fly
I went from good wine to seein’ tears in my mom’s eyes
I don’t blame her though
She used to feed me now I live alone
Doin’ things she don’t know about
But I’m always her angel (Always her angel)
Man I wonder what my mom was thinkin’
When she realized that her son’s a little too famous
A little too anxious
Went from havin’ no friends now he’s singin’ on stages
I’m her youngest son
She just hopin’ that I know what to do with my paper

When I think about it shit
I don’t know how I could live without it
I just bought some shit at the grocery
Some coconut water and some frozen meat
This gotta be good for my dopamine
Sometimes I still miss the nicotine
I’ve been nervous and vomitin’
Doing shows don’t even sound fun to me
Told the crowd that I have food poisonin’
Had a trash can side of the stage for me
Man I don’t know why it happened to me
But I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be
I think it’s meant to be I mean I think I’m meant to be
Put a kid with a dream in a room full of books
He gon’ read even though none of it’s understood ayy

Shouts out to the ones doin’ things
Everyone was afraid or unable to do man
The world needs more of you the world needs more like you
And I heard that the simplest choice that you choose
Ain’t simple it’s actually huge
And the older I get man the more that it’s true
Don’t believe in the hate just believe in the truth
I don’t spend the bread I just know how to chase it
If the difference isn’t here I’ll make it
No I do not live for validation
Fuck your comments and your mama’s basement
Always rich because that’s what my name is
Greatest days are on a daily basis
RZA’s fuckin’ with me man I made it
If I could man I would never change shittt

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Curious – Rich Brian lyrics
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