Cry for me – LIl Uzi Vert lyrics

Lyrics Cry for me – LIl Uzi Vert

Cry for me lyrics
ask you all these questions cause I mean
Baby I be trippin’ sometimes when off of ..
But you don’t never see
They say that i’m a demon you do t believe em
You ain’t meet me out here in these streets
I just saw some niggas die today i can’t talk about that
Let’s get back up on this love (aye) i can’t talk about that
You can’t see the pain in my eyes because i hide it
But i can see the pain in your eyes every time you ride it
I treat you like you brand new even tho you got mileage
Girl you done came a long way was on the side just like a salad
I know you want me say i play to many games
But little do you know i got some questions in my brain

Would you cry for me even before i die
Would you lie for me (yeah) even before i lie
Would you ride for me if i had a second wife
Making his stories just as long as i’m a alive

They then changed they eyes on a ..
Automatic chopper (yeah) i can’t do no semi
You know i got plenty racks stuffed in my skinnies
Plus some on my body
And this chile got me trippin’ i can’t trust nobody
Your life is my hobby ..
I fucked to many hoes i got to many bodies
I can’t mark no tally i can’t cross those lines
Yes i rock them 40s but i’m good with knivesss

cry for me

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Cry for me – LIl Uzi Vert lyrics
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