Count my days – NLE Choppa lyrics

Lyrics Count my days – NLE Choppa

Count my days lyrics
Ayy sometimes I count my days ’cause I keep taking loads
Real bosses they take crosses be a man about it
Ain’t no talking ain’t no bargle and his gun ..
My grass high so you know I heard the snakes travel
Threw away the dirty 40’s so I hit him with my knife
We gon’ chop the whole cruter I see these niggas reside
On my head go dope guessed it why my niggas gotta die
Why your niggas gotta die Because your niggas got a lot
Fucked down in the ground we leave ’em blood it ran out blacked the sky
Just fucked around we let ’em round
We let out shots until he dropped
We wet ’em up we in the drown
We gon’ kill ’em when he come out
Told that bitch that I’m too much to handle I said: Bring your frienddd

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Count my days

Count my days – NLE Choppa lyrics
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