Conceited – Flo Milli lyrics

Lyrics Conceited – Flo Milli

Conceited lyrics
Feelin’ myself, I’m conceited (x8)

[Verse 1]
You never dated a chocolate bitch (Pretty)
You want a model bitch off of the internet (Internet)
All that ki-ki-ki’in’, I ain’t into that
All my mini-me’s, I invented that, facts
Long-ass weave flow down my back (Forty inch)
I want a pitcher wit’ a baseball bat (Swing)
Hoes don’t like when I talk like that
Please don’t bark ’cause Milli bite back
I huff then I puff then I blow shit down (Ooh)
Stand-up bitch, ho, go sit down (Damn)
Put your ear on my coochie, hear this ocean sound
(I fuck once) Boy, you old dick now
You got money ’cause you on dicks
Milli got milli’s ’cause Milli got hits (I got hits)
You pop pimples, ho, I pop shit
You can talk like this when you really that bitch

Feelin’ myself, I’m conceited (x8)

[Verse 2]
Straight outta Mobile, Louis on both heels
Fuck how a ho feel, girl, just relax
Smack a lil’ bitch, ho, you a gnat (You a gnat, bitch)
Bitch get jealous when I do it like that
Celine on my eyes like a diva (Hey)
I been that bitch since a fetus (I been that bitch)
Been had my stripes, no Adidas (Duh)
My opps takin’ pics when they see us
I’m so fabulous (I am)
Bitch, I’m fabulous (Hey)
I don’t need his money (Nope)
Bitch, I got enough (Flo Milli shit)
Pretty bitch walk in, they gon’ salute
I don’t wanna talk, bitch, just keep it cute
Big yellow coupe, no top on the roof
Brush my hair when I walk in the booth

Feelin’ myself, I’m conceiteddd (x8)

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Conceited – Flo Milli lyrics
Conceited - Flo Milli
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