Clips – Polo G lyrics

Lyrics Clips – Polo G

Clips lyrics
Bitch, real killers don’t care ’bout no clips
They ain’t dropped, spin the block, we rep quick
Hut one, hut two, we steppin’
We were really tryna use these weapons
Switchin’ on that two plus seven
Hollows bust you, that’s heavy
Man, I really don’t talk to a maniac
In that .., I don’t stop where it’s rainy at
If they on me then spin the gat
So his mama gon’ cry ..
And if all of them die, where the cameras at?
‘Cause the G ain’t G, we ain’t play with that
Foenem know I pack, where the dracos at?
Walk up and make sure that his brains outtt

Clips – Polo G lyrics
Clips - Polo G
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