Climbing mountains – Adam Calhoun lyrics

Lyrics Climbing mountains – Adam Calhoun ft. Struggle Jennings

Climbing mountains lyrics
Climb the highest mountain
Will you fight for those who can’t
Will you fold and walk away or will you stay and take a stand
Don’t be silents by the lights, we all can choose to understand
Ohh we come too far to see us crumbling

They want us lost and scared
Hate the cops, brake the law
And the news try to say what’s right and wrong
If you believe that it’s safe to say you probably gone
If you’re not wearing a mask, what you make me put one on
These days morals and values take a backseat
Underaged girls getting payed to shake their asscheeks
If that was my daughter, you bet she get an assbeat
I was born tough, so I don’t need these vaccine
They tryna make us feel like we stand alone
Why you think we keep guns and ammo

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Climbing mountains – Adam Calhoun lyrics
Climbing mountains - Adam Calhoun
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