Lil Psycho – Kid Travis lyrics

Lyrics Lil Psycho – Kid Travis Lil Psycho lyrics Too damn long now I’ve been on my own Is there a place where we can be alonewoah There’s danger close So very close we’re apart now They won’t know about it You can let your guard down She’s my little psycho Kiss her in the […]

Bling – Valee lyrics

Lyrics Bling – Valee Bling lyrics How long you gonna do this all alone without me (Ah yeah without me ‘out me) I want you but it’s lookin’ like you starting to doubt me (Yeah doubt me doubt me) I looked through all the nooks and crannies tryna find what you need (Find what you […]

Yo sabia – Rauw Alejandro letra

Letra Yo sabia – Rauw Alejandro Yo sabia letra Ya no miro cuánto cuesta La party a cincuenta y la fila está a reventar Y como el 23 .. No estrella se detecta cambiaron las apuestas Y yo sabiiia que mi momento iba a llegar Yo sabiiia que mi momento iba a llegar Mi sexto […]

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