Catch feelings – Sickick lyrics

Lyrics Sickick – Catch feelings

We don’t even talking late at night (Don’t catch feelings)
I got only 1 thing on my mind
I just want your body so, let’s just keep it on the low
Why the fuck you think I give you time?

Don’t catch feelings, I can’t make you mine
Don’t catch feeelings, I can’t make you mine.

I got no halo
Let’s be honest, you ain’t no angel
What we started, call it unfaithful
Girl, talkin’ late at night
Yeah you want it, we got no label
Mans keep calling, tell ’em why you want it
Say you want it
This ain’t love you know it’s true
Don’t make me lie to you
You know I can’t be with you
Singing, I got only one thing on my minddd.
Sickick lyrics
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Catch feelings – Sickick lyrics
catch feelings - sickick

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