Capiche – Duski lyrics

Lyrics Capiche – Duski

Capiche lyrics
Straight out the mud that’s just how I got it
I put in that work you know that I’m ’bout it
I living lavish you what I can body
She freaky so nasty don’t talk nobody
She wanna fuck on my team how can I blame
Myself is so clean
What can I say I’m living my dream
Play me I’m great now rock in Supreme
Had to make plays is just how it go
That Benjamin Frank’ can’t be moving slow
I don’t got no time for no petty ho
I .. already know
I got two twins by my side and they came from the East
It’s two times ..
I’m stacked on my funds and I’m doing the least
And I’m here to stay do you copy Capicheee

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Capiche – Duski lyrics
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