Can’t stxp – scarlxrd lyrics

Lyrics Can’t stxp – scarlxrd feat. Lil Darkie

Can’t stxp lyrics
These niggas is the worst, can’t hit me up with the facts
Yeah, we came from the dirt, still muddy from the laps
Running circles round the game fuck a break can’t relax
It’s a shame that they lame, got no paper so I laugh
Who’s on what?
Comments aren’t tough, G
If you’re bad then come and start something
Kick him up, don’t give a fuck who’s watching
Now I’m pissed I got blood on my Versace’s
Yeah, lately I know I’ve been movin’ too toxic
I’ve got no excuse, I’ve really decide
I’m duckin’ the bullshit, I’m all for the fun
I levelled the silence and upped my deposit
No chink in my armour I’m really just honest
I’m movin’ in the sombre, I’ll never be modest
It’s fuck all you pussies, you niggas is targets
This that LXRDSPIDERGANG don’t let these niggas

play with your name
When you’re the hardest brown boy in the mother fucking game
You in a sticky say the word and I’ll pull up, I bring the pain
And I don’t ever give no fucks,
it’s common knowledge Scar’s insane
What, keeping it solid with pace, uh
You see the spikes on my chain, uh
Cheat codes in this game, uh
Nigga ain’t really on waves, uh
How you been snapping the wrong way?
Tapping and typing, you okay? Huh
Tapping and typing, you look lame,
Tapping and typing you look like lame

[Chorus: Scarlxrd]
Once I start, I can’t stop
Hey Scar, being toxic suits you
Mom just got a new job
I’m Darkie’s shooter

[Verse 2: Lil Darkie]
I was eighteen watchin’ “Heart Attack”
One year later, Spider Gang, yeah, we started that
I don’t give a fuck, you can’t get it if you wanted that
But you niggas suck, once you blow you can’t want it back
I trip over my dick
I fell flat on my face ’cause it’s too big, uh
Everyone talkin’ that shit
Everyone talkin’ that shit, but ain’t got shit
‘Cause everyone don’t know how to give
Everyone take, take, take ’cause they want that paper
Pay for the way that we live
Everyone waste they time and then regret that later, ugh
Sound that I make when I fuck
Stick the MAC out the back of the truck like a laptop, ugh
Hit like a crack rock
Stacked up, like some dollar bills and cadavers
R-R-Reach for the sky
This nine-iron pointin’ at your eye
And it deleting your mind
It’s that Spider Gang, DXXMLIFE, nigga
Your career getting bodied by a toon,
lil’ nigga, you could quit
If you wasn’t such a bitch (Huh)
Maybe you would be successful a little bitty bit (Huh)
Me and Scar come with bars like prison, isn’t it fit (Huh)
Supercharged and retarded, going stupid and shit
Once I start, I can’t quit

[Chorus: Scarlxrd]
Once I start, I can’t stop
Hey Scar, being toxic suits you
Mom just got a new job
I’m Darkie’s shooterrr

Can’t stxp – scarlxrd lyrics
Can't stxp - scarlxrd
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