Can I – Kehlani lyrics

Lyrics Can I – Kehlani

Can I lyrics
This shit so good should be illegal
Need round two I need a sequel
Hit the backboard like a free throw
You next level you a cheat code
In so deep you hit my seafloor
Got me singing like Alicia
Got me using all your lingo
Tell your girlfriend that you single
Call me over ’cause I go hard
Sweet lil bih fuck like a pornstar
Next day act just like your road dog
Bitches askin’ how you know her
Head game stupid baby loca
Too loud callate la boca
Out this world you supernova
Fuck that I am coming over

[Chorus: Kehlani]
Caaan I come over?
(Caaan) Caaan I (I) stop by (Stop by)
to see you (See you) tonight?
Caaan I stop by to see you? (Tonight)

[Verse 2: Kehlani]
We both on fire love the teamwork
Leave with juices on your t-shirt
Loud and clear no need for reverb
Tell the Uber driver revert
Flip that bitch and make a u-turn
Sextape crazy need the bloopers
Last so long bae you a trooper
Sniper gang no Bradley Cooper
Hi I’m Hell it’s nice to meet ya
Know you fuckin’ with a demon
Do ’bout anything to please ya
Cum inside me I’m a keeper
Want me to make you a senior?
Never been that hard to read ya
When we done you say “I need ya”
I done made you a believer

[Chorus: Kehlani]
Can I come over?
(Caaan) Can I (I) stop by (Stop by)
to see you (See you) tonight?
Caaan I stop by to see you? (Tonight)

[Verse 3: Tory Lanez]
Shawty you know you can always stop by
You top five and no you’re not five
And not four three or two but one girl
I’m hot now wanna see what’s under
The access easy in a sundress
Your accent’s leaking on my tongue yes
You’re badder than the song that’s sang from Mike Jack
I made you cum and you came right back
You calling me upon a late night
I got you leaking like a brake pipe
Swimming in your sea just like a diver
I’m in it just creeping like a Great White
And I might fuck you in your own car
You ride my face just like a pornstar
I’m in it so deep just caught a broke jaw
And I just want one thing that’s a phone call

[Chorus: Kehlani & Tory Lanez]
Caaan I come over? (Caaan I come over?)

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Can I – Kehlani lyrics
Can I - Kehlani
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