CactusJack – Travis Scott lyrics

Lyrics CactusJack – Travis Scott

CactusJack lyrics
Mazi Osbourne ya dig what the fuck I’m sayin’?
You know I’m the type of nigga that’s gonna fuck a ho
send her to the store pull off on her.
You know bitch said I had a baby on the way I told
her we gon’ see on Labor Day.
I ain’t gonna drop a bitch off unless she stay on
the spray away. Ayy when these hoes gonna pull up
for all of us? Yeah you get what I’m saying you
wanna marry ’em you gotta marry my niggas fuck you mean?
Tell that bitch I said shut the fuck up sit down and pour up

Pop the codeine and pour the porridge
Got some shorties to pull up on us
To walk my orbit and fuck my homies
It’s quite enormous my dinosaurus
You’re my tourist come be my tourist
I bought vatore bought my wrist some more wrist
12 at the door flush it down the toilet
With dem boys whippin’ it enormous
My dick enormous

Fighting the mood
Breaking the rules howl at the moon
Yellin’ my blues wanna hit snooze
Chase it with booze
I’m out in the noon she out in the nude
Fightin’ the fumes it’s hotter than June
I’m under the moon followin’ you
I’m out of my head I’m out on the road
It’s nowhere to go I gave you my soul
Am I right am I wrong?
Tryna get home
The love I’m up in the hill
My high’s as low as a hilll

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CactusJack – Travis Scott lyrics
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