Breakfast freestyle – King Los lyrics

Lyrics Breakfast freestyle – King Los

Breakfast freestyle lyrics
Doctor Strange .., my optical range
The .. son acknowledge my name
Colleges in my brain, .. on my range
Hollow tips in my
Put that bitch in yo face, like collagen (collagen)
Hologram, sleepy hollow
Cut yo head off with no halo, Holler mano a mano
I’m Manu GinĂ³bili euro
Your a zero, a clear no
A outcast, a weirdo
I’m outcast like 3K (I’m)
Andre for the Benjamins
Don’t make me end you ’cause I’m in the pen
Tryna get rich or die tryin’
but I’ll prolly end up killin’ many men
I ain’t got any friends,
and every time I get drunk, the Henny wins
We can’t pretend that

I’m not a king though, but I got a kingdom
And I got some songs in my heart and I gotta sing ’em
And I got some passions inside me, I gotta bring ’em
I rock the bells like I’m L my nigga and I came to ring ’em
These niggas ringers, I’m comin’ in for the stringer
Bail like I’m on the wire, I’m hell fire, I’m wired
I’m rioting, niggas quiet, I’m tired, don’t get tied to these
Niggas talk about ridin’, and it get me inspired
Hired to hide ’em, your highness, Osiris
Don’t try this at home kids, I am in my zone kids (kids)
Like a point guard (guard)
(You on point Los?)
All the time Saud (Saud)
They came to play with the beast
That’s word to my brothers that pray
to the east and stay in the streets
I stay with the heat, like Bronny and Wade,
and I’m gonna get paid
If a nigga get in my way, know he gonna get played
Lyrically throwin’ a grenade on these tracks my nigga
No guardians, I’m really the god of rap my nigga
Facts (Facts)

Breakfast freestyle – King Los lyrics
Breakfast freestyle - King Los
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